Senin, 21 November 2011

20 ekspresi monyet yang konyoooollll abizzzzz

Stock market losses
I told you I‘d be chillin’ first…

A monkey walks into a bar and then – tee hee – hee – ha ha:
LOL monkey
He’ll squeeze through the chimney and give me presents? Really?
Happy monkey baby
This chimpanzee is aping Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker”…
The Thinker
… whereas this one is trying to be the perfect monkey gargoyle:
monkey gargoyle
This monkey’s motto at San Diego Zoo seems to be “watch and learn”:
If I take just one, nobody will notice…

Oh boy, another day with absolute no action, yaaaaawn:
yawning macaque
Snapped at Chester Zoo, UK: What do you mean, roll your own?
At Chester Zoo

No way, did you just call me an ape?
Duh! Even I can’t believe it:

Chicks and fame they promised me – and now look at me, one lonely chap!
Grumpy squirrel monkey: I told you I’m not in the mood, just leave me alone…
Squirrel monkey
Resigned to its shackled fate, a macaque hits the bottle in Jullunder, India:

Startled in the Philippines, Mr. T said “Don’t make me angry!” :
Mr. T?
I said don’t mess with me!
At Gibraltar Zoo
Hey, you b***** thief! It’s my banana, heeeey!

Thank you for voicing your opinion but I’d like to reiterate my point now:
Pygmy marmoset
Words escape us for this Spider monkey, caught on camera in Nicaragua:
spider monkey

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