Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Kreasi Steampunk digabung dengan Teknologi Modern

Amazing creations inspired by the Steampunk sub-genre of science fiction.

Steampunk Monitor

Beautiful computer monitor comes with two useful drawers.

Steampunk Gun

Cool weapon made out of plastic, paint, and other Steampunkery.

Steampunk Flash Drive

USB flash drive with 2GB of storage handcrafted out of copper.

Steampunk Car

Stream Trunk Industries created Steampunk themed Rat Rod car.

Steampunk Bike

Recumbent bicycle constructed from scratch by Alan and Eric.

Steampunk Ring

Steampunk jewelry perfect for cosplay made by Catherinette Rings.

Steampunk Glasses

Stylish pair of glasses designed for lovers of Steampunk fashion.

Gang telpon antik Steampunk

Caing buat  Apple iPhone

Steampunk Lamp

Lampu Klasik Coy pake teknik dye casting..

  Abraham Lincoln gak mau ketinggalan gan...

Tampilan untuk game Nintendo’s 8-bit

Helm Paratrooper pada filem Starwars

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